Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Hot Aisle – Storage Paparazzi with El Reg’s Chris Mellor – Episode 14

Storage Paparazzi, or their proper name – Storage Industry Journalists / Analysts have the unique role of watching the marketplace from the outside in (and sometimes inside out!). The Hot Aisle is hosted by Brent Piatti (@brentpiatti) and Brian Carpenter (@intheDC). Together with us this week, Chris Mellor (@chris_mellor) of The Register (@TheRegister) joins us to discuss his prominent role in the Storage Journalism landscape.  We cover a variety of subjects around how he found his place in his current job, what he feels his obligation to the industry / manufacturers / customers are, and even how he gets his ‘state secrets’ for his articles.  We also ask Chris to give us his insights on where the industry has been, where it’s going – what excites him AND what bores him.  Don’t worry, we also cover The Federation <insert march song here> and his feelings about leadership, where things are going, and his outlook on what’s to come – as well as where we’ve come from.  Did we mention his awesome accent?  Join Us!

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