Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Hot Aisle – Step into Kubernetes with Kelsey Hightower – Episode 44

Kelsey Hightower (@KelseyHightower) Software Engineer for Google’s (@googleKubernetes(@kubernetesio) and the Samuel L. Jackson of Tech Conferences, joins us this week on The Hot Aisle to talk about the 1 year old birthday kid, Kubernetes. We’ll learn how Kubernetes is ready for production use with your containerized applications; and your hosts Brent Piatti (@BrentPiatti) and Brian Carpenter (@intheDC) break down the how, why, and what, of Kubernetes to ensure your applications are treated as first class citizens…Grab your crayons and glue sticks, because we’re about to break this down all elementary like!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Video Spotlight - EMC's "All About Talent"

I was recently given the opportunity to "speak" to the roughly 4000 Global EMC Systems Engineers through a bi-weekly segment called "All About Talent" put together by EMC Human Resources.  The focus was a quick < 2 minute video spotlight with me talking a little about the "who, what, and why" of The Hot Aisle podcast that myself and Brian Carpenter do on a weekly basis.  Below is a screenshot of the email that was sent out:

I am humbled and proud to be an EMC SE and to be able to have this opportunity to spread the nerd word to all my techies out there.  I hope this helps you get to know me a bit more and gets you excited to listen to The Hot Aisle.

If you are not already listening, you can subscribe here:

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Hot Aisle – What’s Your Storage Sign? I’m a Torus. with Barak Michener – Episode 43

Barak Michener (@barakmich) Software Engineer for CoreOS (@CoreOSlinux) joins us this week on The Hot Aisle to talk about Torus, their take on the modern distributed storage system. Your hosts Brent Piatti (@BrentPiatti) and Brian Carpenter (@intheDC) break down how Torus approaches software defined storage, why distributed storage is the right fit for containerized workloads, how Torus integrates with things like Kubernetes & VMware, and how GIFEE is the motto at CoreOS (Google Infrastructure for Everyone Else). So slip on those comfy running shoes because we’re about to do a mental marathon that you’ll want to see to the end.