Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dell World - Key Note - Day 2

Dell World Day 2 and Key Note is in the books and the buzz was palatable.  The seats were packed early, the room chatter was that of curiosity & anticipation, so when Michael Dell came to the stage all iPhones (and some Androids) came out.  As with my Day 1 coverage, I want to hit the high points of what I believe showcases Dell's commitment to the EMC acquisition/merger/partnership/whatever.

First off, Michael has the EMC message down cold, he knew our buzzwords, our G2M strategy, our portfolio, and hell, he even used some slides that we as EMC'ers are all familiar with.  To me that speaks volumes because someone who takes the time to learn cares; and someone that cares is someone that I could stand behind.  Now that my personal feelings are out there, let's dig into what was said.

  • When Dell went private everyone asked if they would continue to do acquisition, to this he responded with an emphatic "Go BIG or go home baby!!!".
  • Dell + EMC is a dream combination set to become an enterprise solutions powerhouse; and do so for the next 20-30 years.
  • Together we will continue to tackle industry challenges & trends like:
    • Digital Transformation, Software Defined Data Center, Converged & Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud, Mobile, & Security.
  • Taking EMC private
    • 84% of CEO's believe it would be easier to manage a private company.
    • No more 90 day shotclock.
    • This is the right decision for the customer and the company.

From an Innovation & Collaboration standpoint, Dell is doing some pretty cool stuff and they work with a metric crap ton (that's a scientific term) of customers...think about the potential of the combined customer ecosystem coupled with the Dell + EMC portfolios, whoa!
  • Dell patents are up 27% from last year, with a total of 8000+
  • Dell + VMware + Boomi for Hybrid Cloud Goodness
  • Dell was the first to partner with Red Hat to offer an OpenStack Private Cloud
  • Big Data with Pivotal + Statistica
  • Mobile Device/End-Point Management with KACE + Airwatch
  • Security with RSA + Secureworks
  • Hyper-Converged with EVO:RAIL (oh BTW, they will be releasing a 512GB of RAM per Node model very soon!)
  • FX2 - Full , Half, and Quarter-width blades in 1U or 2U
  • NFV & Open Networking
  • 9 out of 10 times that you pick up your cell phone you are interacting with a Dell Server
  • Modular Data Center (MDC) - this is pretty interesting, think PODS for your Data Center. Used by the likes of Bing and Ebay. 
  • ProSupport Plus - Predicitive & Proactive support with the use of Big Data analytics

At the end of the day we have a lot of moving pieces & parts that need to be sewn together, some bits chopped up/out, and some plumbing rerouted.  Once we do however, the electricity that is coursing through the Dell World show floor, and from Michael Dell & Team, will assuredly bring this monster to life.

Written By: Brent M. Piatti - Systems Engineer - EMC

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