Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dell World 2015 - Press Conference - Day 1

Dell World 2015 is in full swing and although Michael Dell was lambasted by Analysts/Press/Bloggers/etc regarding the EMC acquisition, plus his hands legally tied due to the 60 day "gag-order", he tackled the 40 minute session with relative finesse. Here is a high-level of what Mr. Dell had to say:

  • EMC + Dell Partnership Gives Us:
    • v1.0 of the Unifying of the Universe, which will deliver a tremendous benefit to our customers
      • Sounds to me like there will be some strong partnerships/solutions announced during tomorrow's keynote.
    • An incredible position in the IT of tomorrow landscape focusing on: Digital Transformation, Converged Infrastructure, Hybid Cloud, Security, & Mobile.
    • Crazy strong G2M strategy with access to all layers of the business and World-Class supply chain.
    • Huge R&D + Innovations
    • $80B in combined Revenue
    • Leadership in 22 of Gartner's Magic Quadrants
    • The ability to build blueprints for Dell-based & partner-based solutions.
  • Voice of the Customer
    • Owens & Minor
      • Global Supply Chain Logistics Company
      • Dell Partner for 17+ years
      • Relationship flipped form tactical IT services to strategic initiatives like Cloud
    • RaboBank
      • "Big Bank in a small country" - Netherlands
      • 120 years old
      • 8-9M customers
      • Dell Partnership encompassed - Security, Mobile Workforce Strategy, Trading Floor modernization, and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.
  • Press Questions
    • Q - How do you plan to digest EMC when HP divided itself?
      • A - Dell has a different viewpoint on how companies should evolve...customers don't want more suppliers, they want less.
      • A - Howard Elias (EMC) & Rory Read (Dell) are in charge of merging the 2 product portfolios.
    • Q - Is the EMC | Dell deal a response to slower growth in Enterprise IT where you need to become a bigger fish in a shrinking pond OR is this a reaction to the threat of Public Cloud offerings like Amazon?
      • A - No. I don't see it as either one{mic drop}.
    • Q - Virtustream to be spun out to VMware (See here)
      • A - ~160M total workloads in the Enterprise, ~30M are not virtualized, ~15M are in Public Cloud...the rest are on-premises.  Virtustream has some plans (see below) 
      • FYI - read here on how VMware & EMC spin out Virtustream with a 50/50 stake to compete with the likes of Amazon, Google, & Mircosoft usidng EMC + VMware.
    • Q - What are you comments to Meg Whitman's remarks about Dell buying EMC
      • A - HP is a great VMware partner...I have no other comment...she got her facts wrong.

My biggest take-away, and frankly all the Dell people we talked to afterwards, is that Dell is very bullish on everything. I personally am excited to see how this evolves and encourage all of you to keep an open mind and a keen eye on upcoming EMC + Dell announcements.

Side Note:  For another perspective of the same event, see the blog of our Podcast Co-Host, Brian Carpenter, HERE

Written By: Brent M. Piatti - Systems Engineer - EMC


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