Friday, July 31, 2015

The Hot Aisle – Open Kimono Edition with Chad Sakac – Episode 10

Our 10th Episode is here!  We’re on a roll and you can’t stop us.  This is our first remote recording, done with none other than POPS – Chad Sakac (@sakacc) while we got him to sit still for almost an hour at the mothership in Hopkinton.  We get Chad to give us *concise* answers on questions about what the essential traits of a good SE are and how he gets himself involved and aligned with the ventures side of EMC to make decisions on key technologies of the future.  He also waxes poetic on the changing tech landscape and where software defined things fit into that equation.  And, of course, we talk a bit about VMworld which is just a month away.  We had dozens of YOUR questions waiting to hit Chad with, and the only way to do that is to have him back in the future.  Keep on listening with us on The Hot Aisle!

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Hot Aisle – Object Storage, Software Defined, & Open Source w/ Manuvir Das – Episode 9

Welcome back!  This week Senior Vice President of EMC’s Advanced Software Division (ASD) Manuvir Das joins us on The Hot Aisle to discuss all things Object Storage, Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), Why he’s choosing to embrace Open Source for various product offerings, and he also opens the Kimono a bit to talk about Project Caspian!   We discuss how Enterprises can begin to embrace object storage as the mass file storage of the future – using existing API’s or embracing the pervasive S3 protocol from Amazon on platforms that can go inside their data center. We also discuss where file and object overlap, and the challenges that are faced with file once you look at customers from a global perspective with geographically dispersed data centers.  Manuvir’s teams also include the team behind CoprHD, which is now in full read/write mode on GitHub – he discusses the thought process behind going Open, and how he hopes the enterprise version ViPR can benefit from it.  Thanks for joining as always, and don’t hesitate to hit up myself @intheDC or my co-host @brentpiatti with questions, topics, guest suggestions or otherwise.  Tune in next week for Episdode 10 – it’s gunna be Awesomesauce!

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Hot Aisle – Venture Capital, Mergers, & Acquisitions as a Strategy with Scott Darling – Episode 8

The goal of this week’s episode is to educate our listeners on EMC Ventures and their activities around funding startups, merging with, and/or acquiring existing businesses for the improvement of the “Federation”.  Bringing fun and interesting things about venture capitalism to the broader community.  Scott Darling, President of EMC Corporate Development and Ventures joins us from his paddle board to share his knowledge on the subjects of Venture Capital, Mergers & Acquisitions, and general venture strategies and how they align with the needs of an Enterprise.  We also discuss private funds and how they differ from corporate funds and what the aspects of an interesting deal look like!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Hot Aisle – Containers, DockerCon, and EMCCode with Jonas Rosland – Episode 7

You’ve made it to Episode 7 and we’re proud of you!  We’re proud of us too!  The list of guests is already slotted out thru Episode 11, and our invites list is even longer!  Thanks for joining us.  TELL YOUR FRIENDS!  This episode we have Jonas Rosland(@jonasrosland) of EMCCode (@EMCCode) fame giving us the low-down on Containers.  We cover the ecosystem of products such as Docker, Rocket, Mesos, LXD, and many others.  We cover announcements from #DockerCon such as RunC, the Open Container Project (OCP), Data Persistence and the Volume Driver, and EMC’s involvement as a sponsor and contributor to the Con.  Finally, we discuss EMC Code’s Community efforts, their involvement with Containers and their internal charge / focus on Containers as a big part of EMC’s Open Source and Community focus (as well as product focus).  Thanks for listening!