Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Hot Aisle – Containers, DockerCon, and EMCCode with Jonas Rosland – Episode 7

You’ve made it to Episode 7 and we’re proud of you!  We’re proud of us too!  The list of guests is already slotted out thru Episode 11, and our invites list is even longer!  Thanks for joining us.  TELL YOUR FRIENDS!  This episode we have Jonas Rosland(@jonasrosland) of EMCCode (@EMCCode) fame giving us the low-down on Containers.  We cover the ecosystem of products such as Docker, Rocket, Mesos, LXD, and many others.  We cover announcements from #DockerCon such as RunC, the Open Container Project (OCP), Data Persistence and the Volume Driver, and EMC’s involvement as a sponsor and contributor to the Con.  Finally, we discuss EMC Code’s Community efforts, their involvement with Containers and their internal charge / focus on Containers as a big part of EMC’s Open Source and Community focus (as well as product focus).  Thanks for listening!

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