Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Hot Aisle – You Code It, You Ship It, You Own It! w/ Tim Armandpour of Pager Duty – Episode 69

Tim Armandpour (@TimArmandpour) Senior Vice President for Pager Duty (@PagerDuty) joins us this week on The Hot Aisle to talk about instrumenting companies’ digital operations signals across their entire stack and how they are helping provide situational and contextual awareness to customers for their alerts and events.  Your hosts Brent Piatti (@BrentPiatti) and Brian Carpenter (@intheDC) break down Pager Duty’s digital operations management platform and how they are helping mobilize and orchestrate groups of people to solve problems together, better.  Bad code bad code… whatcha gunna do?  Whatcha gunna do when we alert on you…

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