Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Hot Aisle – Innovation and Democratizing Tech at Dell with Matt Baker – Episode 22

Matt Baker (@mattwbaker), Executive Director of Strategy, Enterprise Solutions at Dell takes a seat in The Hot Aisle this week to expose the Innovations that Dell is delivering to their customers and the IT landscape as a whole.  Matt joins your co-hosts Brent Piatti (@brentpiatti) and Brian Carpenter (@intheDC) as we find out what Matt means in regards to ‘Democratizing IT’ and what that means for consumers in the SMB space, Fortune 100, and Service Provider / Web Tech companies that consume at massive scale.  Join us as Matt gives insights into what is going on at Dell and what impact taking their 100,000 person enterprise has had on their business and ability to innovate and execute against startups and the like.  Let’s do this!

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